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2021-04-29 21:52:43 -0600 answered a question How to create a lanelet2 map for Autoware.Auto AVP demo?

When are planning to do planning from a parking spot to another in Autoware.Auto, the global planner expects to be plann

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2021-04-02 00:02:26 -0600 asked a question ROS2 Foxy: How to publish byte message from commandline?

ROS2 Foxy: How to publish byte message from commandline? How do I publish byte message in ROS2 from ros2 topic command.

2020-03-19 13:20:54 -0600 answered a question Autoware Traffic Light Recognition without Vector Map

You will still need vector map information to do traffic light information. region_tlr_mxnet and region_tlr_ssd are mea

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2020-02-09 20:39:53 -0600 commented question Autoware Camera-LiDAR Calibration Package - saving the extrinsic calibration .yaml file

The parameter file should be automatically saved once you click 9 times each. If you don't see any file, that means you

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2020-01-23 04:42:15 -0600 commented question When is the Autoware Camera-LiDAR extrinsic calibration finished?

If you click 10 times each in the image and in Rviz, the yaml file should be made automatically without shutting down th

2020-01-19 22:51:00 -0600 answered a question Changing the FoV of the LiDAR

The VLP16 covers full 360 degrees, but would it be possible to only do like 270 degrees? From my understanding, the

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2019-10-25 01:32:10 -0600 commented question How to fuse a rosbag's intensity into a PCD in Autoware

By default you should have intensity information in PCD if you create map using ndt_mapping from rosbag. What do you mea

2019-08-26 04:21:58 -0600 commented question Autoware op_global_planner error

Could you provide the vector map data you used? The error says that the planner couldn't find correct route, so it is li

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2019-07-20 02:45:14 -0600 answered a question autoware runtime manager graphic bug We already have same question answered.

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2019-07-18 11:39:39 -0600 answered a question Autoware Tools - Vector Map Builder: cannot see point cloud file due to RGB value

Current Vector Map Builder seems to have trouble rendering .pcd map in ASCII format, but ndt_mapping exports pcd map in

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2019-06-27 03:43:51 -0600 commented question [Autoware 1.11.0] Way_Planner cannot generate global path for lane change case

How did you start way_planner by command? Did you run roslaunch way_planner way_planner.launch? It seems to have enableL

2019-06-27 03:28:43 -0600 answered a question Autoware: 1.12.0 Download error and dependencies problem

The wiki seems to be updated and has correct commands now. The commands are now : sudo apt install -y python-catkin-pkg

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2019-06-25 03:24:11 -0600 answered a question vectormap generation tools (free or non-free)

I don't think there is no tool that automatically creates vector map from PCD. You can only create them manually by "dra

2019-06-21 02:11:18 -0600 answered a question Autoware: stderr output in build

If it is only showing "~ pacakges had stderr output", and if you don't have " ~ packages failed:" then it is probably ok

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2019-06-19 03:49:34 -0600 answered a question Aligning pcd with UTM frame

I also noticed that, in the pcd, streets that are supposed to be flat, look slightly bent in the z axis I believe t

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2019-06-19 02:07:07 -0600 commented question Aligning pcd with UTM frame

Can't you tranform you map in z direction (or maybe in pitch and roll direction) so that height of pcd matches with GPS

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2019-06-06 02:16:11 -0600 commented answer installing vector_map_converter Autoware

The instruction was very brief since the branch was meant for temporal use until it is merged into Autoware official rep