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2013-01-30 02:13:39 -0500 asked a question rosserial- publishing/subscribing to an Arduino within a node

Hi all! I'm rather new to ROS and I think I need a little help. I'm working on a complex robot vehicle, which I plan to make sort of autonomous with ROS. So far, I have manage to have the compass, GPS, heading controller and all higher-order commands (such as go to etc.) working. However, I tested them by simpling working around with my computer. Now that the stage has come where I have to connect the computer to the Arduinos controlling the servos and motor, the problems have arisen.

I checked the rosserial_arduino tutorials. I find them very useful because I was thinking of simply writing a code in ROS as a publisher(desired motor rpm, desired control surface angle, etc.) and subscriber (actual motor rpm and actual control surfaces angle) and implement a simple code on each Arduino as in the examples, with the subscriber and publishers inverted from the ROS node.

However, the question is how to do this. In the examples, they always run the node within the rosserial_python package. Do I need to implement a similar node in my package or can I simply build a node, say which is a subscriber to the arduino with

include rosserial_arduino

stated at the top (together with the other include statements), and include this include statement within all other nodes that publish variables that the arduino should use (say the control surfaces angle published from the heading controller node)?

I don't know if I have been clear enough but I can try to explain better if asked. Basically, I'm looking for a practical way to include a node to be included in my package that does the talking between my computer and the Arduino.

Thank you in advance for your help!