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2013-01-04 01:17:54 -0500 asked a question Your experience in calibrating the Kinect?

Hi there,

I would be interested in your experience regarding the calibration of the kinect depth camera to the build-in RGB camera. I followed all the openni_launch tutorials for the intrinsic and extrinsic calibration of the kinect. The results of the intrinsic calibration seem to be promising, but those of the extrinsic cannot compete with the given registration of the openni drivers based on what I "see". Especially if I move an object within the scene (away from the point where the extrinsic calibration took place). So I would like to know if it is possible to do the extrinsic calibration with more than just one view/pose of the checkerboard using camera_pose_calibration? I could use the matlab calibration toolbox with a set of paired rgb/ir images to calibrate offline or do you happen to know an alternative approach?

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2013-01-03 04:31:55 -0500 asked a question image_view and camera_pose_calibration show a different behaviour using ros electric and fuerte

Hi, I noticed a different behaviour trying to calibrate a kinect device under electric and fuerte following the openni_launch tutorials for intrinsic and extrinsic calibration. With electric everything works fine. Using fuerte I noticed that the first checkup on the ir image calling "image_view" for "/camera/ir/image_raw" results in a black/empty window that just gets updated (showing the ir image) if the window gets resized, but then again turns black.

The intrinsic calibration of the ir camera using "camera_calibration" instead shows a proper ir image of the scene as does "rviz".

Later on the extrinsic calibration fails as the checkerboard could not be detected in the ir image (the checkerboard is found in the rgb image). All these steps work using electric. I have the same problem with "image_view" and the ir image using an xtion pro instead of the kinect.

System: Ubuntu 11.10 with the newest openni drivers ( Fuerte: "" and electric camera_pose pkg via synaptic.

Your help is highly appreciated.