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Dear ROS users,

I had just contributed a Parallax Eddie platform package at ROS using Turtlebot APIs design. Both Turtlebot and Eddie exhibit similar physical property so I re-used most of the Turtlebot package for this new package called (Eddiebot = Eddie + Turtlebot). Feel free to comment and give feedback to improve this package.

Cheers Tang

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I think by now the doxygen will generate the GIT link. I also paste here

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Hi everybody,

I just contributed a ROS package for Razor IMU 9DOF using latest firmware and support for all different hardware version of the board.

(PS: They make alot of revision for the board), This package will publish /imu standard message. I also prepared a 3D visualization testing for the package.

This firmware support calibration.

You are welcome to comment and report bug if you found any. Thanks for the support!

Cheers Tang

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