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2012-11-25 20:14:23 -0600 asked a question Converting URDF to SDF 1.0 in fuerte?

I have a URDF robot model with old, pre-SDF 1.0 gazebo configuration for controllers, used with Fuerte. It gets loaded into Gazebo using spawn_model as usual, from a param named "robot_description".

I would like however to re-write the Gazebo controller configuration to use SDF 1.0, but it seems like I need the document element of the model XML to be "gazebo", with a version="1.0" attribute to get Gazebo to treat it as a SDF file, rather as a legacy confug.

Is there some official way of transforming the non-gazebo-specific parts of the URDF to SDF 1.0 at run-time? I'd essentially like to read the value of the "robot_description" param and write its equivalent SDF into a another param so it can be subsequently loaded using spawn_model.

Note I don't expect it to convert the legacy Gazebo config, just the URDF parts.

2012-11-15 16:54:53 -0600 asked a question Android APK's for download?

Hi list,

We are having some trouble getting the ROS teleop app working on one of our research robots running Fuerte using the Android client apps, and after some digging I found that the Android teleop app, although publishing to /cmd_vel, is not sending any messages in response to touch events.

I'd like to try to debug this using the ADK emulator, but need the App Chooser and Teleop APKs to do so. Building them at the moment seems to be out of the question because of the Gradle-related changes, A web search didn't reveal much, and ADK empulator does not seem to allow installing apps via the app store.

So, does someone know where the APK's can be downloaded from?