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2015-08-06 07:34:29 -0500 answered a question How to configure image_proc for publishing only the image_rect_color

I got a solution for only record the important topics of the camera

rosbag record /axis_camera_front/camera_info /axis_camera_front/image_rect_color/compressed -x "/axis_camera_front(.*)" -o release /chatter

2015-06-18 08:31:07 -0500 asked a question How to configure image_proc for publishing only the image_rect_color

Hi, I am using a camera from axis and i am interested in getting a rectified image. By running the image_proc node i am getting several topics, including something related to theora. I would like to configure the image_proc for publishing only the image_rect_color/compressed topic and avoiding overloading my system with the other topics that are being published, such as /axis_camera_front/image_rect and /axis_camera_front/image_rect/theora. I am recording some bag files and I have to filter them to take away of those images.

<arg name="username" default="root"/><arg name="password" default="x"/>
<group ns="axis_camera_front">
  <param name="width" value="640"/> 
  <param name="height" value="480"/>
  <param name="hostname" value="axis_camera_front"/>
  <param name="frame_id" value="axis_camera_front"/>
  <param name="camera_info_url" value="PACKAGE://axis/${NAME}.yaml"/>
  <node pkg="axis_camera" type="" name="axis">
  <param name="username" value="$(arg username)"/>
  <param name="password" value="$(arg password)"/>
  </node><node pkg="image_transport" type="republish" name="republish" args="compressed in:=image_raw/ raw  out:=image_raw"/>
  <!-- Rectifying the image_raw -->
  <node pkg="image_proc" type="image_proc" name="image_proc"/>