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I'm trying to solve a planning task with moveit, where I get a cartesian target pose as input, but one of the planners only takes joint value targets, so I have to compute the IK separately. I noticed that while "movegroup->setPoseTarget(targetPose, iiwa_ee_link);" behaves as expected (for the planners that can handle it), "robotState->setFromIK(modelgroup, targetPose, iiwa_ee_link, 10, 0.1)" gives incorrect results and the result also depends on the current position. So my RobotModel does not seem to be using the reference frame I thought it was (the fixed world frame), but when I check robotModel->getModelFrame(), it is the world frame...

Any input would be welcome as I am quite stuck with this. I also logged it as an issue on moveit ( ), but no ideas there yet, so maybe the larger community has an idea :)

Thanks! Broes