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2017-03-16 08:07:48 -0500 asked a question Kobuki bumpers in Gazebo - General Steps to Solve


I can't get the bumpers on a simulated Turtlebot to publish any state. After going through the launch file I realise that the turtlebot_world.launch file uses the Kobuki base which should be publishing bumper events to /mobile_base/events/bumper. The topic is published by Gazebo, but there is no output through rostopic echo.

I had a look at the Kobuki Gazebo plugin source at the suggestion of this question: Although my cpp isn't ideal it seems to work as advertised.

The problem is probably much simpler than this, but for the sake of learning ROS I would like to ask people how what steps they would take to solve these kinds of issues? And also if you know how to fix it!