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2017-11-30 05:26:28 -0500 answered a question rviz not compiling mac osx

I managed to solve this particular issue by adding #ifdef __APPLE__ #define __ASSERT_MACROS_DEFINE_VERSIONS_WITHOUT_UN

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2017-01-15 09:18:57 -0500 answered a question building ROS on macOS 10.12 at `qt_gui_cpp`

I ran into the same problem. sipconfig generates the Makefile. Therefore, tweaking cmake flags does not work. It seems, homebrew's current (bottled) version of sip (418.1) is not fully compatible with homebrew's current version of qt5 (5.7.1_1). I finally ended up editing the configuration in The changes I made to


are: Inside _pkg_config

  'platform':           'macx-clang++',


  'qt_framework':       1,

Inside _default_macros

  'CXXFLAGS':                 '-pipe -std=c++11',

With these changes, the generated Makefiles worked.

2017-01-15 06:42:49 -0500 commented answer rviz crash on macOS Sierra

In case you are using the ros-install-osx install script, you can just add -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS} -DQT_MAC_USE_COCOA" to the catkin config call. This is brute force, but prevents any modification inside the source tree.

2017-01-14 21:50:10 -0500 answered a question rviz crash on macOS Sierra

The problem is that rviz erroneously sets macAPI to carbon although it is cocoa - qt5 (5.7.1) is missing the define QT_MAC_USE_COCOA. After editing rviz/src/rviz/ogre_helpers/render_system.cpp, I got rviz to start.

I replaced

// Set the macAPI for Ogre based on the Qt implementation
  params["macAPI"] = "cocoa";
  params["macAPICocoaUseNSView"] = "true";
  params["macAPI"] = "carbon";


// Set the macAPI for Ogre based on the Qt implementation
  params["macAPICocoaUseNSView"] = "true";

I am using ogre 1.7.4 by the way.