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Alternatively, a newer version of apriltags is available for kinetic (

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2016-12-05 18:43:15 -0600 asked a question Velocity limits in robot_localization

Is it possible to set a limit on the velocities of sensor inputs in the robot_localization package? I'm currently able to fuse a GPS signal with the on-board odometry of a Kobuki, and the output is what I'd expect: smooth movement in between GPS readings which pull the estimate slightly back towards the truth. What I'd like to try is differentiating the GPS signal so that the jumps occur in velocity rather than position. This will naturally make it more noisy, but if I could limit the velocity it might still produce a nicer output. I've played with pose_rejection_threshold and twist_rejection_threshold, but they don't seem to alter the output when GPS has differential set to true.

2016-09-01 01:59:16 -0600 commented answer How would you add control commands to robot_localization?

Could you provide an example of how to provide the control input in a launch file?