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2016-09-14 07:28:16 -0600 asked a question Getting Kinect images from Gazebo

I want to get kinect rgb images to further process on ROS, but I need to simulate a kinect on gazebo, so I'm not understanding well how to parse the images. I know normally I can get the kinect images following this tutorial but how is the code to get them from gazebo? I also asked this question on gazebo answers but I didn't have any reply so I was thinking maybe this forum was the best place.

2016-09-10 09:59:19 -0600 commented answer Getting started with robots from ROS wiki

Thanks for the reply! It was really usefull! I didn't know much about URDF model so I was trying to simulate robots thinking only on ROS basic structure (nodes, topics, etc). I followed the tutorials (this's why I'm only replying now) and now I'm going to robotican_armadillo model.

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2016-08-16 21:05:06 -0600 asked a question Getting started with robots from ROS wiki

Hello, I´m trying to start a project simulating a robot from robots wiki but I´m not exactly sure how to program these robots. I followed some tutorials but they all used a launch file from demo source, I want to write code on my own using the ros arquitecture (rostopics, stacks, nodes, publisher and subscriber, etc)that I´m learning on some books (e.g. Learning for Robotics Programming), but it´s not exactly clear to me how to apply then on a roboTican or husky for example, does anyone has any material (tutorials, books, videos, anything) to start?

Also, these robots have specific embedded sensors on it (laser, ultrasonic, depth sensor), but it´s possible to implement extra sensors? I want to create a system where the robot can retrieve information of the environment and execute some actions based on it, for example check the temperature of the room and get a couple of water if it´s too warm. Does anyone has any suggestion of how can I do something like that?