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2018-11-03 14:35:46 -0500 asked a question How to upgrade cmake without affecting ros indigo built packages

How to upgrade cmake without affecting ros indigo built packages I recently upgraded my cmake to cmake3 in my workstatio

2018-05-16 11:21:17 -0500 commented answer How to broadcast a transform between /map and /odom

JadTawil I don' understand either why these answers talk about static transforms as Odometry accumulates error and can n

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2017-06-20 12:15:41 -0500 commented question Rviz OGRE Exception(2:InvalidParametersException)

DId you figure it out ?? I am having the same issue

2017-05-18 10:34:36 -0500 commented answer Return a value from a callback function

Thanks for this ! works for me

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2017-03-28 17:08:44 -0500 answered a question linking problem with vision_opencv

so I figured it out so in the CMakeLists.txt files of both cv_bridge and image_geometry, find package(OpenCV REQUIRED) should be find package (OpenCV 2.4.13 REQUIRED) . This is in my case as I have OpenCV 2.4.13 installed, one can replace it with any version one is using

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2017-03-27 14:19:33 -0500 asked a question linking problem with vision_opencv

Hi my question is of two folds. First, I am confused as why there are opencv3 and OpenCV-3.1.0-dev packages is in /opt/ros/indigo/share as i have read that opencv 2.4.8 is the default version of ROS indigo.

Also, I have opencv 2.4.13 version installed on ubuntu 14.04 with ROS Indigo, I want to use opencv for vision part for my project and for that i tried to install vision_opencv package from source. However when I try to build the package using catkin_make following error occurs

-- ==> add_subdirectory(vision_opencv/image_geometry)

CMake Error at /opt/ros/indigo/share/OpenCV-3.1.0-dev/OpenCVModules.cmake:183 (message): The imported target "opencv_xobjdetect" references the file


but this file does not exist. Possible reasons include:

  • The file was deleted, renamed, or moved to another location.

  • An install or uninstall procedure did not complete successfully.

  • The installation package was faulty and contained


    but not all the files it references.

Call Stack (most recent call first): /opt/ros/indigo/share/OpenCV-3.1.0-dev/OpenCVConfig.cmake:86 (include) vision_opencv/image_geometry/CMakeLists.txt:5 (find_package)

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred! See also "/home/hemang/catkin_ws/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log". See also "/home/hemang/catkin_ws/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log". make: * [cmake_check_build_system] Error 1

What I dont understand is why is it trying to link with Opencv3 when system does not have opencv3 installed or ROS indigo comes with opencv3 now ??

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Thanks for the solution

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2017-02-28 16:37:56 -0500 answered a question Not being able to calculate the height in ardrone gazebo simulator

ok so I figured it out, i made a rookie programming error, i was subscribing to wrong topic /ardrone_autonomy/Navdata which should be /ardrone/navdata. Now its working smoothly

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2017-02-28 14:13:40 -0500 commented answer How can I store the AR.Drone's height in order to control it?

I have similar issue, i can see the value in rostopic echo /ardrone/navdata but when i try to subscribe it and print ; it shows nothing.

2017-02-28 13:54:41 -0500 asked a question Not being able to calculate the height in ardrone gazebo simulator

Hey guys, I am relatively new to ros and c++, i am trying to implement pid controller on ardrone using ros indgio. for doing this I want to calculate(print) the height at which the quadcopter is flying. when I am doing rostopic echo "ardrone_autonomy/Navdata" , i can read the height but when I tried to subscribe to the topic to print the height, I am getting blank in the terminal. following is my code

#include "ros/ros.h"
#include "std_msgs/Empty.h"
#include "ardrone_autonomy/Navdata.h"
#include <iostream> 

using namespace std; 

class trajectory{
  void height(const ardrone_autonomy::Navdata::ConstPtr& hmsg)
    double x = hmsg->altd; `    
   (ROS_INFO("HEIGHT IS : %f",x); 

int main(int argc, char **argv)`
  ros::init(argc, argv, "pid"); 
  ros::NodeHandle n; 
  ros::Publisher takeoff_pub = n.advertise<std_msgs::Empty>("/ardrone/takeoff", 10);
  std_msgs::Empty msg;
  trajectory traj;
  ros::Subscriber sub = n.subscribe("/ardrone_autonomy/Navdata",100,&trajectory::height,&traj);` 
  return 0; 

Thank you

2016-10-27 17:07:12 -0500 commented answer nav_msgs/Odometry.h: No such file or directory

lucasbpro, did you get the solution ?? I have similar problem. while building the package, it shows the error nav_msgs/Odometry.h is missing. I searched as per instructed above ! there is a file Odometry.msg not Odometry.h

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