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2016-06-02 21:11:44 -0600 commented answer Did ros-kinetic-gazebo-ros-control package release?

It shouldn't be a problem as long as the package (rospack find gazebo_ros_control to check) is in your ROS path. After you build, source your project like normal (source devel/setup.bash) and run gazebo from the same environment (gazebo).

2016-06-02 04:49:41 -0600 answered a question Did ros-kinetic-gazebo-ros-control package release?

I also encountered this - as a workaround I cloned the source into my project until it's added (it should be already but you can see the last commit message for gazebo_ros_control was about deleting CATKIN_IGNORE, so I think it just missed some sort of "submission deadline" or something?).

In project src directory;

git clone -b kinetic-devel

That will clone all the packages (which doesn't really matter - and in fact may be more stable since all the packages would be of the same revision), but it adds to the build time and it's only temporary so I used git sparse checkout to have only the relevant package;

cd gazebo_ros_pkgs
git config core.sparsecheckout true
echo gazebo_ros_control/ >> .git/info/sparse-checkout
git checkout
rosdep install --from-paths . -i -y

Then just catkin_make like normal etc.