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2017-05-29 02:50:05 -0600 commented answer Where to store calibration data?

How do you handle 2d cameras with a lense that require a new calibration after e.g. a refocus?

2017-04-25 11:24:14 -0600 answered a question ROS Package for Arduino DUE and ROS serial communication

Google "Ros arduino" -> rosserial, rosserial_arduino

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Thanks for the link. I saw the delft run at the APC this year and even had a look at the ROSCON-slides but I didn't find code for the cache.

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That's also what I planned. I have a drop position and would generate a set of start points above the box so that I first plan to the closest start point and execute the stored trajectory afterwards.

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Thanks! Any hints on what you learnt during the implementation?

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2017-01-18 11:48:29 -0600 asked a question MoveIt: Is there a trajectory-cache?


For my current project on picking with a UR, I'm looking for a cache for planned paths. Some movements (e.g. from the put position back to a start position) are repeated for every object and the planning needs some time (around 2 seconds) which I'd like to save by storing plans in a DB (doesn't even need to be persistent) so that if I request the same start and end-joints I can look up the trajectory and execute it directly (assuming a constant collision environment).

Is there something available or do I have to implement it?

2016-11-03 06:05:58 -0600 asked a question MoveIt: How to constrain joint at end of movement?

I have a robot (UR10) with a gripper to move around objects. The gripper has range of -180 to 180 so that I have two possible configurations for the 'upright' position (namely the two extrema +180 or -180). For a specific put down operation, I need to be in the -180 configuration. Is there a way to create a constraint for that?

I could change the joint limits to [-180, 160] but this would create problems at another action. I use the JointConstraint to fix the orientation while putting down, but this constraint needs to be fulfilled during the whole trajectory and I only need the constraint to be fulfilled at the end of the move.

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Where is the difference between the trees? The ordering of the nodes after the base link is arbitrary so these trees are exactly the same (if I don't miss something important)

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2016-03-14 04:30:15 -0600 commented answer Integration of Kuka Agilus

Could you tell me where you got the urdf and meshes for the R900? We'd like to compare its grasps with the R700 (or the R1100).

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2016-03-13 11:36:29 -0600 answered a question different between cd and roscd?

cd is the standard linux command. roscd however also knows about the installed ros packages, so you can go to a package without having to type (or even know) the exact path. Just try 'roscd you_package'

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2016-03-12 11:52:06 -0600 marked best answer Integration of Kuka Agilus


I'm probably going to have access to a Kuka Agilus ( ) and am currently working on the integration into ROS. So far, I've only found the Kuka Experimental ( ) which does not yet contain support for the Agilus but contains urdfs and meshes for other Kuka arms. Is there something similar for the Agilus?

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We have SolidWorks running, so I'll talk to the hardware guys next week. Are there any tutorials on how to compute the inertial elements?

2016-03-12 05:47:32 -0600 commented answer Integration of Kuka Agilus

Thanks a lot! We are testing it in the next week, delivery times will slow down the hardware tests, but at least we can start with the simulations

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