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2016-03-01 10:15:13 -0500 commented answer How to fix the EKF pose when the robot is definitely not moving?

The manual state reset includes the covariance matrix; I think you might not have to destroy anything.

2016-03-01 09:28:50 -0500 answered a question How to fix the EKF pose when the robot is definitely not moving?

I have not worked with this package but here are some guesses:

  • Make a pose "sensor" [edit: I previously said odometery instead of pose] which sends measurements of zero velocity with zero* variance. It only sends out such messages when the odometry message has had zero velocty for a short time. When the robot starts moving again there will be a short delay before the EKF acknowledges movement based on the sensor_timeout value.
  • Use the manual state reset to continually put the system back to its values before forward prediction

*Dont literally use 0, or it will be set to 1e-6 (see the last note on the sensor data page)

2016-02-29 10:26:58 -0500 answered a question read single message from bag-file (c++)

I dont know for sure what the best solution to your problem is. But just to brainstorm things you might try (I have not tried these myself): Perhaps you could use the filter functionality to make a new bag file containing only the messages you care about. Another option would be to use script from bag_tools ( ). Those would be more "direct" in that you would write fewer lines of codes, but I am not sure that it would be any faster than what you are doing now.

If you need a faster solution the bag file format supports random access. Assuming the bag file is in chronological order you could make a function that does a binary search to find the message you care about.

2016-02-28 11:29:24 -0500 commented question catkin_make error

In Coverage.h your compiler thinks void GetBestPositions(vector<point>& positions) is equivalent to void Coverage::GetBestPositions(int). However, when compiling your voronoi_main.cpp it understands that they are different and returns the error - no known conversion. Possible source code

2016-02-26 18:53:30 -0500 commented question Costmap2DROS transform timeout.Could not get robot pose, cancelling reconfiguration

Your tolerance for transforms is set to 10.000 meaning that the system will not use transform information that is more than 10 seconds old.Your system is not getting any new TF messages after 168.19 . Read about tf and do the tutorials - , then update with more info