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Thanks a lot, I posted it as an issue. I didn't realize URDF was supposed to be used, but am now using it. The descriptions helped me a lot with further understanding the code.

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Ultimately, I hope to configure it for a robot with 6 degrees of freedom, but for now, I'm just hoping to figure out how to run this code. Ideally, without MoveIt! configuration, though that could be a last resort.

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I am trying to experiment with code that uses the TRAK_IK_LIB, before implementing it into my robot. The source code may be found here ( ). The Readme for it provides the following as the example for use: TRAC_IK::TRAC_IK ik_solver(KDL::Chain chain, KDL::JntArray lower_joint_limits, KDL::JntArray upper_joint_limits, double timeout_in_ms, double error, TRAC_IK::SolveType type=TRAC_IK::Speed);

May someone provide an example of how to initialize JntArray and specify a value for TRAC_IK::Speed?

Thank you in advance.