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2018-05-30 06:20:13 -0600 answered a question How to record a video of Turtlebot's view on Gazebo?

You can also look at rosbag. It allows you to record any topic in the bag format. If you are publishing the video on a s

2017-05-19 02:26:50 -0600 commented question navsat_transform_node with /odometry/gps null

Hello guys, I am still facing this problem. @marcus, can you tell how you solved it?

2017-02-03 15:29:59 -0600 commented answer Limit Scan Angle for LMS100

Hey, thanks for your answer. It is working. But I couldn't find this plugin in the original documentation. Are there any other set of filters which are not mentioned?

2016-09-29 02:52:30 -0600 received badge  Enthusiast
2016-09-25 19:33:36 -0600 commented answer How can I make my local plan path in navigation stack longer?

Hey, how is the performance using your own global and local planners? Even I am facing that problem. Depending on your answer I will try to solve this problem