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2016-11-09 05:17:58 -0500 answered a question error with rostopic echo -p

This is a bug that was addressed in and should be fixed in ros-kinetic-ros-comm 1.12.6

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Same issue here.

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Maybe /use_sim_time is active but no bag is played? This would mean that time does not go forward and hence the sleep would never expire.

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2016-08-18 09:53:41 -0500 answered a question Last node handle goes out of scope but callbacks still work. Why?

If you look at , the Subscriber keeps a copy/reference to the node handle. So as long as it exists, there is yet another referenced handle that will prevent the node to shut down.

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2015-10-20 03:18:37 -0500 commented question raise IOError("could not find %s on the ros package path" % msg_pkg_name). Ros is not capable to find a package in the ros_package_path

Did you source your workspace's setup.bash?

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I would assume each nodelet is in a different namespace, and so would be the parameters.

2015-10-14 02:05:21 -0500 answered a question How to set and access local parameters when launching a nodelet?

To pass a parameter value to a nodelet, try either passing it as an argument on the command line when you run the executable that loads the nodelet (i.e. "_param:=value") or set the parameter using ros::param::set("~param", value).

In either case the nodelet should be able to access it using getPrivateNodeHandle().getParam("param", value).

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