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2017-01-28 22:01:58 -0500 commented question ROS Subscriber Listner String Message

I am using some CAN USB interface, where I am using those receive and transmit nodes which are already existed for this hardware type. So the message that they have used here is std_msgs/String.

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2017-01-28 04:13:57 -0500 asked a question ROS Subscriber Listner String Message

this is the subscriber node from ros tutorials:

void chatterCallback(const std_msgs::String::ConstPtr& msg) 
  ROS_INFO("I heard: [%s]", msg->data.c_str());

My string array consists of msg which is shown in image, Now i need to access a particular element in the msg (message consists first time and next CAN message, I want to use particularly CAN.ID whic is arrays second element) any suggestion. thanks in advance

2017-01-25 03:03:56 -0500 answered a question libpcan.h not found

try to do it by synaptic package manager, it should look like thisimage description, I hope it works

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2017-01-20 06:20:32 -0500 asked a question using two nodes at a time

i have two nodes 1) which receives CAN messages from uc board to ROS (publisher) 2) which transmit CAN messages to uc board (subscribing). I need to run both the nodes in order to to these two tasks. Now I am supposed to do: if receive node receives message, it should transmit a CAN message. How can I combine these two nodes or how can use one node information by other?. any suggestions

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2017-01-18 15:30:05 -0500 asked a question ROS with CAN μc

Hallo all,

I have two nodes in ROS which can receive (1st node) and transmit (2nd node) CAN messages over a Peak CAN USB Interface. My receive node receives CAN message from μc board, with rostopic pub command line tool I could able to send a CAN message to μc board which turn on LED on μc board. My question is: if the received CAN message is with particular ID (which is published on receive topic)- which should send other CAN message to μc board to turn LED ON. Both the transmit and receive node have their own topics. Could anyone please suggest how to send a CAN message from ROS to μc board as soon as it receives from μc board to ROS.

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2015-11-03 04:00:48 -0500 asked a question Regarding rqt

Hallo all,

I am trying to work with gui in ros(in cpp), i have two questions regarding it

  1. As mentioned in ros rqt plugin tutorials:

    • created package, edited cmakelist.txt, package.xml, plugin.xml
    • as mentioned in the tutorial should uncomment catkin_python_setup() what if for cpp?
    • I tried to do catkin_make then it shows:

      Invalid package manifest "/home/george/catkin_new/src/rqt_mypkg/package.xml": The manifest must not contain more than one "export" tags
      george@george-ThinkPad-T440s:~/catkin_new$ cmake
      cmake version
  2. Writing a ros node in src, and doing to make catkin_make, I had an example which is publishing some std_msg: Please have a look, here my doubt is without any .ui file or process that happens in qt how it opens a window?

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2015-10-16 19:07:45 -0500 asked a question Problem in ROS Qt Node

I saw an example:

#include "QDebug"
#include "ros/ros.h"

int main(int argc, char** argv)
  ros::init(argc, argv, "Qt_test");
  qDebug()<<"Hello world";
    return 0;

Here I made changes in cmakelist.txt as: find_package(Qt4 COMPONENTS QtCore QtGui) include(${QT_USE_FILE})

add_executable(qt_test src/qt_test.cpp) target_link_libraries(qt_test ${QT_LIBRARIES})

Now I tried to do catkin_make then I get the problem:

error: expected primary-expression before ‘int’ ros::init(int argc, char **argv,"qt_test");

error: expected primary-expression before ‘int’ ros::init(int argc, char **argv,"qt_test");

Can any one help this problem or should I need to do changes, any suggestions please. Thanks

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2015-10-07 04:08:46 -0500 commented answer How I completely remove all ros from my system?

hello, Actually I had both indigo and jade installed in my system. I tried to remove jade by sudo apt-get remove ros-jade but it shows unable to locate package ros-jade. I want to remove only jade

2015-10-07 03:55:29 -0500 commented answer Qt ROS Examples

Thanks for your response. As mentioned here I tried to open cmakelist.txt, but it says Cannot create file /opt/ros/jade/share//catkin/cmake/toplevel.cmake.user:Permission denied. Actually I am working with ros indigo(here it shows jade).

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2015-09-29 04:17:52 -0500 asked a question Qt ROS Examples


My doubt is, If I want to write a ros node using qt GUI- Is it necessary to follow rqt plugin cpp tutorial(I mean is it necessary to create a plugin) or is it possible to write a node and add cmakelist.txt as here. A small example to which opens a qt window is very helpful. Many thanks in advance.

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2015-09-27 19:19:59 -0500 asked a question Suggestions- Publishing data on a topic using Qt Slider

Hello All,

I am new to ROS, I need help regarding implementation of qt-slider in ros.

Can any one help me or give suggestions, thanks in advance.

I have qt source files: Please have a look:

    slider = new QSlider(Qt::Horizontal);
    lineEdit = new QLineEdit();

    QObject::connect(slider, SIGNAL(valueChanged(int)),
                     this, SLOT(onValueChanged(int)));

    QVBoxLayout *layout = new QVBoxLayout();

    QWidget *wrapper = new QWidget();


void MainWindow::onValueChanged(int value)
    int pos = slider->sliderPosition();
    QByteArray convertedValue = QByteArray::number(pos,16);
    QString m = QString(convertedValue);
    m= "0x"+m;
    QString id,len, canmsg;
    id="0x01 ";
    len="0x01 ";

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    QApplication app(argc, argv);
    MainWindow mainWindow;;
    return app.exec();

Can any one help me to publish this message(i mean 'canmsg') on topic(any). As discussed in qt ros, I made changes in cmakelist.txt. Thanks for reading.

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