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Hello Javi, Thanks a lot ! If I can process directly on a topic, will all frames of the camera be processed ? I mean if there are like 15 Point Clouds streaming, will each one be processed ? Simultaneously? This is kind of confusing for me :D sorry if my questions seem weird

2015-08-04 13:23:49 -0500 asked a question PCL : Use Camera Topic instead of PCD File

Hello guys,

i'm really struggling with my mind while reading the PCL Documentation on . I want to process the registered depth cloud stream of my XTion Pro Live in a cpp file. So i found this : which says

"since we use ROS subscribers and publishers in our code snippet above, we can ignore the loading and saving of point cloud data using the PCD format."

That tutorial talks about a Voxel Snippet in Cpp, on the PCL website

What i don't get is : in the PCL Tutorial, it's all about loading a PCD file (it that right ?) and processing that file. But i want to process a live XYZRGB Stream from the Camera. Would i have to convert the stream (pointcloud_to_pcd then pcd_to_pointcloud) everytime to a PCD file ? Or is it possible to input the Topic of my Camera ?

I'm not getting the logic behind all this yet

I hope someone can rescue me in this mind Jungle Thank you

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Hello Javi,

thank you very much. I was browsing the documentation of the Octomap server, as you said i could use ~pointcloud_[min|max]_z (float) or ~occupancy_[min|max]_z (float) to threshold the height. But how can i implement something like : if (is there anything straight ahead at 80 cm ?){..}?

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2015-08-01 14:07:08 -0500 asked a question Ros Occupancy Grids

Hello guys,

Me and a Partner of mine are working on a Turtlebot Project at the Karlsruhe College in Germany.

Our projects aims to make the Turtlebot decide whether it can, for example, drive under a table, or not. We thought that the Turtlebot would anyhow measure the height of the obstacle in front of him and then decide (it has a XTion Pro Live Camera). During this, the Turtlebot doesn't have to move (rotation may be allowed).

Our idea was to record a Pointcloud (we already tried out Rtabmap, which did pretty good) and export the data (.pcd / .ply) for further use. We didn't know how to proceed after this, since none of us is a real computer expert (we both study Mechatronics). We also thought we would have to include some libraries into a Cpp file (like the Pcl Library), but we also found the Octomap library and Gridmap (whose description seem pretty useful to us).

We're kinda lost. If you know any detailed way or package to build that function, please let us know !