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2017-03-04 14:25:20 -0500 asked a question No Laserscan received for many seconds for navigation ?

Hi Guys,

I m trying to set up the 2D Navigation Stack. Everything works fine beside of the integration of the laser_scanner. I set up all the transformations as well as publishing all the needed data as map, odom and laser_scan for autonomous navigation. Nevertheless amcl is always saying this:

[ WARN] [1488657566.744750961]: No laser scan received (and thus no pose updates have been published) for 1488657566.744665 seconds. Verify that data is being published on the /scan topic.

I have been working with ROS now over 2 years and i dont understand this mistake. My tf_tree (map->odom->base_link->laser_scanner) doesnt show any errors as well as all published topics show the status ok in rviz. If I m using the fake_amcl node everything works fine. Does anyone know what I can do ? The advice that i found here, to set the sim_time to true causes that amcl isnt loading the map.

Thanks for help :)

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2016-06-02 07:19:30 -0500 asked a question Is there a IDE for ROS 2.0? like Eclipse

Hey guys,

i m looking for a IDE like Eclipse within the new ROS 2.0 Distribution. Is there any IDE so far with i can use for ROS 2.0 ? or any command like the old catkin_make eclipse project to work with a IDE in ament_workspace?

Thanks for answers

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2015-05-20 04:45:08 -0500 asked a question How does the Arbotix-Board controlls Dynamixel? Controll-Structure?

Hello everyone,

i m trying to understand how the Arbotix-Board controlls the Dynamixel-Motors. Is there allready set a controll structure like in stack? How does that work? How does Arbotix-Board plan a trajectory to execute ? Whiche messages are beeing send between them during controll the motor speed?

Thank you for help!!

2015-05-05 06:00:10 -0500 asked a question How does the information chain looks like in the motor control

Hello everybody,

i want to find out how ROS generates new motion control orders for example by dynamixel motors. How does the infromation chain looks like? In addition i put the overview picture for the navigation stack used in Turtlebot. Can anyone explain me how the base controller exactly works? i just get him velocity commands to interact with the local planner ![image description] ( )