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2015-03-11 09:37:56 -0600 asked a question How to fuse barometer and accelerometer for altitude estimation ?

Hi all, im developing a autopilot from drone (copter) application , for now the copter fly good and have a stabilization in all 3 axis computed from a imu with 3 axis accelerometer 3 axis gyroscope 3 axis magnetometer , but now the problem is to stabilize the drone in the aLtitude .

I have a barometer that give me the altitude estimation but this is not enought because barometer have some drift and the sample rate is not enought fast for have a good stabilization so i thought to fuse the accelerometer z axis with the barometer datas for have a clean and fast altitude estimation.

for get a dynamic z accelerometer data i have calculated a static gravity values from quaternion and i have subtract it from the accelerometer value (calibrated value). The problem is that i can not have a estimation on vertical position because accelerometer is really unstable with noise ( also after low pass filter ) and a offset generate a error in the velocity calculation and of course in the vertical position.

Someone had this problem ? what's the solution ?