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2015-02-05 23:59:08 -0600 commented answer what are the prerequisite for ROS ?

Thanks for the video but i would be very glad if let me know how much time it would require me to get into ROS From scratch ?

2015-02-05 23:24:21 -0600 commented answer what are the prerequisite for ROS ?

first thanks for your reply. Second ill be given 3 months of internship , within that 2 weeks would be given for training and self learning and after that ill be given small assignments ?

so would it will be achievable for any person very new to ROS ?

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2015-02-05 08:36:22 -0600 asked a question what are the prerequisite for ROS ?

I have recently completed my Bachelors in Computer science , i have no such exposure to ROS or any thing related to it

now i have been offered Internship in development in ROS should i go for it ?

My question is what are the mandatory prerequisite for ROS ?
and How much time it would take me to learn ROS ?

please also refer any guidance regarding ROS to learn it and get some overview of it