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2015-01-22 16:39:23 -0600 asked a question How does ros create communication between android device and linux pc?

I wanted to know how ros can communicate between an android and pc through an usb device. Looking at the hokuyo code in the android_extras, it implements the USB api, but this USB api is not picking up my linux machine as an usb device. So I wanted to know why the hokuyo code can create an connection between an android device and linux pc only using the usb.

2015-01-19 15:17:17 -0600 asked a question Can't Resolve Error in AndroidManifest for android_tutorial_hokuyo

I'm trying to run this app on my tablet, but is crashing due to can't resolve errors in the android manifest. The resolve occurs for : android:name="MainActivity" <activity android:name=""/> <service android:name=""/>

These errors also occur in the manifest of the other packages in the rosjava. I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this since I can't seem to find anything on this site related to this or on google.

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2015-01-19 13:04:01 -0600 asked a question Couldn't find executable named RosAria

I'm trying to run the RosAria node in ros hydro and i enter the following command rosrun rosaria RosAria _port:=/dev/ttyUSB0 but it gives an error that it can't find the executable named RosAria in catkin_ws/src/rosaria. Even tried rosrun RosAria _port:=/dev/ttyUSB0 which gives an error saying stack/package RosAria not found.

2015-01-19 10:19:27 -0600 asked a question No resource found that matches given name.

I'm trying to run the android_tutorial_hokuyo for android_core for ros. When I run the code, I get this error that no resource found that matches the given name (at 'icon' with value '@drawable/icon') in my androidmanifests.xml. I also get this error for <activity android:name=""/> and <service android:name=""/>. These i couldn't find in project android_app, so i'm wondering if i have to import them or change the name. Error also occurs for android:name="". The setup folder structure is rosjavaandroid->android_tutorial_hokuyo->src->org->ros->android->android_tutorial_hokuyo-> So i was wondering if anything was wrong for the file path name for this.

2015-01-16 16:06:10 -0600 commented answer Rosinstall missing in python 2.7

Sorry about that. I'm using ubuntu and I tried that command and nothing shows in the python packages.

2015-01-16 15:18:35 -0600 asked a question Rosinstall missing in python 2.7

Trying to install rosjava but that ends up failing because i'm missing rosinstall in python 2.7 -> dist-packages. Also missing vcstool. Was wondering if there was a way to get these back or fix up python.

2015-01-16 14:44:54 -0600 asked a question Errors in android_tutorial_camera

Trying to import rosjava to fix up import errors but I can't seem to import the rosjava into eclpise, nothing shows up for me to import.

2015-01-16 12:18:04 -0600 asked a question Sample android ros code

Is there a sample code that uses ros to communicate with android through usb? Completely lost and needed something to follow.

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2015-01-16 10:18:53 -0600 commented answer Communication between ros and android over usb

Using android 4.4.4. I'll give this a try and see if it works.

2015-01-16 09:14:33 -0600 asked a question Communication between ros and android over usb

I'm try to get the ros to communicate with an android app using a usb cable, so the computer and android app will talk to each other. I can only find examples of where wifi or bluetooth is used. I want to use the usb port. Wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to do this.