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2014-12-26 20:31:04 -0600 answered a question How to fuse IMU & GPS using robot_localization

Tom, many thanks! I configure my estimation in the way as you suggested, and it seems to be working!

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Tom, thank you very much. If I understand correctly, the correct setup is to feed IMU data to ekf_localization_node, and then feed the output of this node. along with IMU and GPS data, to the navsat_transform_node to get the final estimation. Is this the correct setup? Thanks!

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2014-12-25 23:39:47 -0600 asked a question How to fuse IMU & GPS using robot_localization

I am trying to estimate the position of a robot using robot_localization. There are ONLY two sensors used in the problem: an IMU and a GPS receiver. After reading the tutorials about robot_localization and studying many threads in the ros-answer website, I am still a little confused about how to structure the overall estimation process. I would greatly appreciate if someone with experience in this topic can offer some suggestions.

I understand I need to use navsat_transform_node in order to integrate GPS into robot_localization, but navsat_transform_node requires three inputs. In addition to IMU & GPS, it requires an odometry input, which is not available in my system. To solve this issue, I first feed IMU (sensor_msgs/Imu) and GPS (sensor_msgs/NavSatFix) measurements to utm_odometry_node, which is a node of the gps_common package. The output of utm_odometry_node is of the type nav_msgs/Odometry, and it is feed to navsat_transform_node along with the original IMU and GPS measurements. The output of navsat_transform_node, named odometry/gps, is then feed to ekf_localization_node with the original IMU measurements.

I was wondering if this is the correct structure of the estimation process. Any comments and suggestions will be appreciated!