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2015-02-14 15:36:18 -0500 asked a question can't run gmapping scan

I am following the tutorial here to make a simple map from already prepared data:

however, I get stuck at this step:

rosrun gmapping slam_gmapping scan:=base_scan

It takes forever, and does not finish. When I abort the process, I see the following on the screen:

virtual GMapping::GridSlamProcessor::~GridSlamProcessor(): Start virtual GMapping::GridSlamProcessor::~GridSlamProcessor(): Deleting tree

I am new to ROS and gmapping, and would appreciate any help here.

2015-02-07 16:16:45 -0500 asked a question rosbag doesn't display map in real-time on rviz

I am following the gmapping tutorial, and it says:

If you don't care to wait until the log playback and mapping process has finished before seeing some results, then you can watch the progress in rviz.

rosrun rviz rviz
Add a display with a map, set to the topic /map

I have rosbag of sample data running in a different terminal. I added a display to rviz with topic /map, but it doesn't seem to show anything. There is an exclamation mark beside "Message".

Also, when I type in rqt_graph, no messages are being published to topic /map.

How can I resolve this? I appreciate any help as I am new to this.


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2015-01-10 16:13:05 -0500 asked a question apply joint effort service call doesn't do much in gazebo


I have a ros node that connects to my gazebo model. It makes a service call to rotate the joints (wheels). If I perform the ros service call from the cmd line I am able to see the wheels move. However, from the cpp node, it doesn't seem to move. Here is my cpp code:

gazebo_msgs::ApplyJointEffort r; 
    r.request.duration = ros::Duration(2.);
    r.request.joint_name = "right_wheel_hinge";
ros::ServiceClient client2 = gazebo.serviceClient<gazebo_msgs::ApplyJointEffort>("/gazebo/apply_joint_effort");;

I have this in my main function of my cpp file. I am starting with Gazebo, so your help is appreciated

2015-01-10 15:06:53 -0500 asked a question Massless Model in Gazebo


I have a model in Gazebo. Upon applying little bit of force it overreacts, so it seems the model is almost massless. I tried assigning mass by using the "inertial mass" tag in the model sdf file, but it doesn't seem to do much.

Here is my link tag:

<link name='chassis'>
        <pose>0 0 1 0 0 0</pose>

            <mass value="10" />

        <collision name='collision'>
          <size>2.8 2.5 1.5</size>

        <visual name='visual'>
          <size>2.8 2.5 1.5</size>


I am starting with gazebo, so I appreciate any help.

2014-12-13 17:07:33 -0500 asked a question get_link_state of hokuyo in Gazebo

I have a simple robot model that includes the hokuyo lidar in model.sdf:

  <pose>-1 0.5 1.75 0 0 0</pose>
<joint name="hokuyo_joint" type="revolute">
    <xyz>0 0 1</xyz>

The lidar shows up on Gazebo under the name "link" probably because in the hokuyo built-in model, the link has the name "link".

I am trying to get the state of the lidar link by calling the get_link_state:

rosservice call gazebo/get_link_state '{link_name: link}'

but it results in "link not found" errors. I tried "hokuyo::link" as the name, but ros doesn't like that either. I guess my question is, how do I retrieve the link state of the included models such as camera, hokuyo, etc? They all show up with a link name "link" on the Gazebo gui.