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Thanks a lot for the pointers. There were two issues : even though I was not explicitly modifying the time-stamp, when I use CV-bridge, it overwrites the original time stamp values. So, I had to manually assign them again. And increasing the queue size helped too.

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My System : Ubuntu 12.04, ROS Fuerte, Python

Goal: Want to combine rgb and depth image to point cloud data. I am using depth_image_proc/point_cloud_xyzrgb nodelet to achieve this. Just to test it, I used the kinect topics depth_registered/image_rect, rgb/image_rect_color, and rgb/camera_info and it works (I can visualize it in RViZ).

Now, the issue is, I subscribe the kinect topic rgb/image_rect_color and use Python OpenCV to change some pixel colors and publish it back as a new topic. When I use depth_image_proc/point_cloud_xyzrgb with this new topic and try to get a point cloud from the new rgb image and original depth image, it does not output anything. I can view the changed image from the new topic in RViZ but the point cloud is not generated.

To test it further with a simpler problem, I just subscribe to the rgb/image_rect_color, do no processing at all, and publish the same image with a different topic name. Still, it does not work. Is this a time synchronization issue. Any pointers will be helpful.

Thanks -gilmour