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2014-11-07 10:15:16 -0500 answered a question Position recognition with Kinect

you can use the points x,y,z of each joint to do that

2014-11-07 10:11:44 -0500 commented answer openni_tracker moving kinect loses user

hi, i saw your video, my problem is that when the robot is moving , the kinect looses the tracking even if the person is in the field of vision of the kinect, so can you tell me how did you do to not to loose the tracking, thanks.

2014-11-07 09:46:49 -0500 answered a question Using Kinect for both navigation and user tracking

does it work? i have the same problem

2014-11-07 09:42:34 -0500 asked a question tracking and following skeleton

Hi, i have a big problem, i have a turtlebot2 and i want to track a skeleton and follow it when the tracking begins my robot move, the tracking stops and the do not know where the person is, so i don't know what to do i think that tracking and following people is impossible with kinect but i'm not sure

2014-10-14 03:51:22 -0500 commented answer confidence value skeleton_tracker

but sometimes i get 1 when there is no tracking :s

2014-10-14 03:09:17 -0500 asked a question confidence value error

why sometilmes i get confidence value= 1 whereas the coordinates that i see in the rviz window are falses

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2014-10-10 04:42:33 -0500 asked a question understanding ros clock

i don't understand the clock's value, why i get: time.sec =1412932920?

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2014-10-08 04:34:18 -0500 asked a question confidence value skeleton_tracker

what does mean the confidence value of skeleton_tracker?

2014-10-03 08:18:04 -0500 asked a question understanding confidence value

How can i use the confidence value given by skeleton_markers.


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