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2013-09-13 07:14:59 -0500 asked a question How to run a different roscore in different robots?


I have two robots and I want to run a roscore for each one of the robots. But, I also need to exchange pose information between the robots. Therefore, there are topics from robot 1 that I need to publish on the robot 2 and topics from the robot 2 that I wanto to subscribe from the robot 1 (and the contrary).

There are any solution for that? Can anyone help me?

Many thanks in advance

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2013-06-11 04:40:16 -0500 asked a question visualization_msgs: how to draw a circumference

I am trying to draw a circunference on RVIZ using for that the visualization_msgs/marker... I am using the cylinder shape, but I actually want to draw a circumference.

Thanks in advance

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2013-06-04 23:26:26 -0500 asked a question how to display an .tif image on RVIZ


How can I display an .tif image on RVIZ. I want to display a google map image (already downloaded) about the operation scenario.

Thanks in advance

Miguel Pinto

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2013-03-28 10:54:21 -0500 asked a question Robot in Stage with two Infrared Sensors


I would like to simulate a robot, in the stage, with two infra-red sensors, is it possible? I tried to put two Laser Range Finders with only one measurement, but it didn't result!

Someone can help me?

Thanks in advance

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2012-03-22 10:51:04 -0500 asked a question How can I update the segments endpoints in the SLAM problem outside the EKF filter

The segment in the EKF filter during the SLAM problem is characterized with two parameters: 1)the normal distance of the line and, 2)the angle of the normal vector, right? But, to know the segment, it is necessary to update the endpoints, right? How can I update these endpoints outside the EKF's filter?