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2014-08-21 15:10:56 -0500 commented answer rqt_plot issues in indigo

It is entirely possible that the first issue was caused by not having the workspace sourced properly, because the problem is gone - but I can make it appear by skipping the sourcing step.

The second issue I can live with for now until the next update. Interestingly enough an array works fine if it's defined as fixed size, so my custom message with a 6 element array works, but not JointState.


2014-08-20 04:08:04 -0500 asked a question rqt_plot issues in indigo

I have a ros node which publishes a custom message as well as sensor_msgs/JointState messages. Both show up correctly in rostopic echo but not in rqt_plot.

When starting up rqt_plot I see an error: could not get message class for topic type "MyCustomMsg" on topic "my_topic". The message does not show up in rqt_plot's dropdown menu, and can't be added if I type it in explicitly. The message is a float64[] array and should be accessible as my_topic/my_message_data[0] but this doesn't work. The problem is similar to this thread: except that restarting doesn't solve it.

The second problem is with the JointState message and similar to so the question is if this is fixed in the next indigo release?

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2014-08-16 00:52:35 -0500 answered a question c++11 library for indigo catkin package

I'm getting weird linker errors when testing to build a simple catkin package with this library and c++11 enabled in the compiler. So it won't work then. Thanks for the responses.

2014-08-15 04:07:35 -0500 asked a question c++11 library for indigo catkin package


I have a library (a server using std::thread and some other c++11 things like auto) which is compiled into mylib.a.

I want to use this library in my indigo catkin ros node. But apparently ROS is c++03 only for now.

Do I have to rewrite the library to c++03? Or can I use it as long as the ros node itself stays c++03 compatible?

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2014-07-01 01:42:14 -0500 commented question ubuntu 12.04 VM installation sever down?

Still can't download the linked Ubuntu image. I downloaded a 12.04 image from http:/ /www.tren ware/ubun tu1204.html# (remove spaces) and installed Fuerte on it. Seems ok.

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2014-06-30 01:27:19 -0500 asked a question ubuntu 12.04 VM installation sever down?

I have been trying to download the Ubuntu 12.04 Virtual Machine with Hydro Medusa pre-installed for several days now, and I get either of these errors: server isn't responding, server bandwidth exceeded.

The download link takes me to (can't post links yet so I put some spaces in the url) http:/ /no wnloads/#Ro sVM , then I get the errors. Tried downloading in two completely separate locations (at least one of these is guaranteed to have no interfering proxy).

Is the server down, if so, is there a mirror somewhere? Or, is there another good place to get a clean Ubuntu 12.04 VM image that I can install on? Edit: (Found one, see comment).

2014-06-28 14:15:53 -0500 commented question MoveIt arm_navigation_msgs compatible, how to port?

Added link, thanks!

2014-06-28 14:15:41 -0500 commented answer MoveIt arm_navigation_msgs compatible, how to port?

Thanks for that info! There is a URDF file included which hopefully works. Looks like I will test it first on Fuerte and later rewrite it completely for MoveIt in Hydro.

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2014-06-27 05:31:08 -0500 asked a question MoveIt arm_navigation_msgs compatible, how to port?

I'm new to ROS so this is perhaps a newbie question, sorry about that.

I'm trying to connect our kuka 850 to ROS, and came across a third party stack on git (cant post link yet, here is with spaces inserted) .

The manifest lists arm_navigation_msgs as a dependency, but wiki says this is deprecated and to use MoveIt instead. My options are then to try and build the stack as is, or port it to MoveIt.

  1. Is arm_navigation_msgs compatible with MoveIt? If I build it with for example the arm_navigation source on git would it work with MoveIt? Or should I just install Fuerte to run this?

  2. What would normally have to be changed to port this to MoveIt, can you give me some hints where to look?

Currently running ROS Hydro Medusa on Ubuntu 13.04.