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2014-06-19 23:03:57 -0500 asked a question How do you Build ROS nodes on Windows using C++ Builder?

I'm trying to build the simple talker/listener demo on Windows using Embarcadero (formerly Borland) C++ Builder XE6. The compiler keeps blowing up (Internal Compiler Error) when I try to compile talker.cpp. It crashes in forwards.h, a ROS header.

I was able to successfully build both talker and listener using MSVC 2010, and they worked, so I feel confident I installed win_ros and all its files correctly on Windows.

Can anyone suggest project settings, #defines, or anything else that might help? I want to use C++ Builder for this project because there are some built in components that I'd really like to use.

I'm using win_ros hydro on Windows 7.

Below is the relevant portion of forwards.h with the failing line noted:

struct SubscriberCallbacks
  SubscriberCallbacks(const SubscriberStatusCallback& connect = SubscriberStatusCallback(),
                               const SubscriberStatusCallback& disconnect = SubscriberStatusCallback(),
                               const VoidConstPtr& tracked_object = VoidConstPtr(),
                              CallbackQueueInterface* callback_queue = 0)
  : connect_(connect)
  , disconnect_(disconnect)
  , callback_queue_(callback_queue)
    has_tracked_object_ = false;
    if (tracked_object)    // *** this is the line C++ Builder says causes the internal compiler error ***
      has_tracked_object_ = true;
      tracked_object_ = tracked_object;
  SubscriberStatusCallback connect_;
  SubscriberStatusCallback disconnect_;

  bool has_tracked_object_;
  VoidConstWPtr tracked_object_;
  CallbackQueueInterface* callback_queue_;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<SubscriberCallbacks> SubscriberCallbacksPtr;

Also, for reference, how do you post code and maintain the formatting? I had to add < b r > just to get newlines.