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2014-12-12 18:09:51 -0500 commented question Different documentation generated by rosdoc_lite online and offline

I've deleted the manifest.xml just in case but didn't have the time to push this yet. But anyways, the documentation shows up correctly now. Can you tell how often the documentation is generated? The problem seems to have solved itself. How set the question answered if there is no answer?

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2014-12-11 09:55:51 -0500 asked a question Different documentation generated by rosdoc_lite online and offline

For the adhoc communication package or the explorer package the documentation generated online and offline, especially the Package Summary, looks different. While online Author, Status, Link are missing, when generating the documentation offline the manifest.xml includes all information currently missing online. I've updated the repository last week but still the changes to not show online.

According to the rosdoc_lite doc the documentation should be generated if the package is listed in rosdistro - for hydro I assume rosdistro/hydro/distribution.yaml in which ad hoc is listed.

Related questions (see below) did not help unfortunately:

Can someone please elaborate what triggers rosdoc_lite and what data is used to generate the documentation?

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Ugh. I've tried pretty much everything concerning paths, handles, etc. But to check for the data type never occurred to me. Thanks.

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2014-05-19 21:49:12 -0500 asked a question Cannot retrieve existing param

Hi, It seems I cannot retrieve an existing parameter using roscpp, neither using the node handle nor ros::param. What I want to do is access parameters of a different node. For example, let's consider a node A which wants to read the parameter of a node B, let's say move_base.

So in node A I want to read the parameter /move_base/local_costmap/height, for example. If I use

rosparam get /move_base/local_costmap/height

I get the value just fine. If I use in node A's code either

ros::NodeHandle n;
std::string param("/move_base/local_costmap/height"), param_value;


std::string param("/move_base/local_costmap/height"), param_value;

I do not get the parameter. On the other hand both




return 1. I know that this is not the preferred way of accessing other nodes' parameters. But I need it for documentation in a fixed setup. The limitations, .e.g, having to know a node's absolute path, are, in this case, acceptable. Can someone point me in the correct direction how to retrieve the param values or point out other ways how to retrieve parameter values for multiple nodes from one location using roscpp? I'd prefer not to use rosparam as it complicates things.

Thanks for you help.