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2013-01-23 02:45:48 -0500 commented question Kinect for windows using ros fuerte

Thanks for interest in the question, I add the error message

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2012-12-12 03:44:51 -0500 asked a question Kinect for windows using ros fuerte

Im using ububtu 12.04 and ROS Fuerte, Im trying to use the Kinect For windows with the Openni_kinect driver, I more or less have followed the instructions in:

I changed the rules in, 55-primesense-usb.rules and changed XnDeviceSensorIO.cpp

changed the following lines

#define XN_SENSOR_MSK_PRODUCT_ID 0x02BF and the following lines xnLogVerbose(XN_MASK_DEVICE_IO, "Setting USB interface to %d...", 1); nRetVal = xnUSBSetInterface(m_pSensorHandle->USBDevice, 0, 1);

Now when I use roslaunch openni_launch openni.launch i get the following error message

Does anyone knows how I can solve this problem? or if there will be anytime soon a version of openni_kinect suporting K4w.

the error message that I get is the following

"**[ INFO] [1358951643.387157389]: Number devices connected: 1 Im really having big trouble to set the alternative isochronous endpoint. What shoul I do to enable the endpoint in order to the depth generator do not fail?

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2012-09-29 06:13:46 -0500 commented answer Kinect for Windows

I need to have the k4W with ROS, but im not really experiment with it. im having problems changing the XnDeviceSensorIO.cpp. could anybody explain a bit more all necessary changes needed to have the K4W working?

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2012-08-02 03:50:15 -0500 asked a question how get Kinect for windows work on ros?

I'm trying to get a kinect for windows camera working with ROS, I'm using the driver openni_kinect, I don't have many experience with ROS or Linux, can anybody tell me where to start looking to get the kinect for windows working on ROS?

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2012-02-08 03:05:42 -0500 asked a question set priority on python node

How I can change the priority of a node written y python?

Im working with the kinect and a haptic device to be used in the chest of a person, after I get the information about the distance of the object and some processing I want to send it through the serial port to the haptic devic, I realized that I have some delays, so I want to change the priority of xecution of the node or some portion of the node ( written in python) in order to get a behavior close to real time.