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2015-04-12 15:58:21 -0500 answered a question rosmatlab is gone?

Ok, I got it [1]. All versions are gone, because auf the new implementation:

The ROS I/O package, which was available on File Exchange previously has been removed due to the release of the new product, "Robotics System Toolbox", released in MATLAB R2015a. The new toolbox has the capability to interact with ROS. So, there is no method to have an interaction between ROS and MATLAB before R2015a.


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2015-04-09 17:52:43 -0500 asked a question rosmatlab is gone?

Hi there,

I just wanted to reinstall all my Software to my new laptop and ended up with searching for rosmatlab. Where is it gone? On the former webpage [1], one can only find the "Robot Operating System (ROS) Support from Robotics System Toolbox" which is commercial. There still exist the manual [2] for the package, but even google cannot help me with finding the old binaries :(.



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@Eric: I found the site right after my post, but actually it seems a bit lonely with only about 500 posts. @dornhege: Thats the point: what algorithms are suitable to optimize wich criteria?

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2013-09-08 02:16:33 -0500 asked a question Literatur for global exploration strategies

Hi there,

maybe it is the a bit wrong to ask such a question here, but I know that you guys are the most experienced ones ;-).

We implement as a global exploration strategy the "frontier-exploration". But actually, I even do not know if this is the best one for just exploring an unknown area, because we need to tell our superviser what our motivation was. Does anyone know a good list of compairsions of such global exploration strategy (e.g. Stumble Around, Wall Following, Frontier Exploration, ...)

PS.: Springers Handbook have not such a compairsion, am I right?

Greetz and thanks, tiko

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Hi davinci, thanks for the quick answer. We do it in a similar way, by having the libraries already. Anyway, I was just concerned about the way to talk with such sensors and actuator. But as I thought, it is just the straight way by writing a simple publisher. Thanks!

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2013-09-06 23:16:39 -0500 asked a question Start writing drivers

Hi there,

we are starting a project and we want to implement new sensors and actuators for our ROS-project. My task is to provide the e.g. data of an IR sensor or implement I2C-bus. My first thought was: Poll the sensor and write a publisher. But I guess you guys are more expirience in such a task, so I want to ask you first.

While I have expirience with ROS already, I have never done such a thing. Do you have any good idea where to start or any tutorial how I can write a driver in ROS?

Greetz, tiko

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2012-03-05 10:17:28 -0500 asked a question Merge two OccupancyGridMaps

Hi there,

as the topic says: I want to merge/combine two OccupancyGridMaps.

The conditions: I recieve two messages (nav_msgs/OccupancyGrid) by two services. These two maps have the same resolution, but different postions and size (orientation can be omitted).

My question: Is there an easy way to combine/overlay these maps and build a new map out of these? Or do I have to do this the hard way?

Kind regards, tiko

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2012-01-18 03:58:20 -0500 answered a question rxgraph with multiple namespace

The root namespace is too occupied. I thought that it would be nice for documetation, to see only a few interesting nodes and thier links.

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2012-01-17 08:28:45 -0500 asked a question rxgraph with multiple namespace

How can I visualize more than one node (namespace) with rxgraph? For example:

rxgraph --nodens={\node1 \node2 \node3}