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2015-09-10 17:03:13 -0600 answered a question face_recognition package usage is unclear

The steps are correct. The above steps can be used to add your face to the database. Then, you can continue the tutorial to recognize faces. The package is based on actionlib , so you need to learn about actionlib to understand and use the face recognition package.

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2015-02-12 13:07:57 -0600 answered a question does procrob face_recognition package work with the kinect camera? I am using openni drivers to run at the moment

I believe it should work if you subscribe the face recognition package to the rgb/image_raw from Kinect, but please notice that the ProCRob face recognition only considers 2D images and does not use the depth information.

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2014-11-12 06:27:16 -0600 answered a question Can't build the face recognition package

The catkin version of the face_recognition package has been released. Please see

2014-11-12 06:16:28 -0600 answered a question training the face_recognition using kinect

The rosbuild version of the face_recognition package works for Fuetre. For more recent versions of ROS, you need to use the catkin version of the face_recognition package.

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2014-10-11 17:59:18 -0600 answered a question ERROR: invalid message type: face_recognition/FRClientGoal

The face recognition package has been recently catkinized. please see

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2013-07-16 23:29:48 -0600 asked a question Need a camera with constant focus


I use a usb camera to localize NAO robot by tracking a marker placed on its head (using ar_pose marker tracker). My problem is with the camera autofocus which results in the poor performance when there are other moving objects in the environment.

Is there a camera with constant focus you could suggest me to buy? (I need a camera with a wide field of view and a long data cable as the camera is placed in the ceiling in my scenario) or whether it is possible to set the autofocus of usb camera off?

Thanks, Pouyan

2013-06-23 05:54:44 -0600 commented answer Starting procrob_functional with a launchfile

Hi Bison. Then the problem should be from somewhere else. Because if the working directory is not set correctly, you get error like "can not find haarcascade_frontalface_alt.xml" or so ..

2013-06-17 22:48:36 -0600 answered a question Starting procrob_functional with a launchfile

you can use the 'cwd' attribute in your launch file. E.g.

<node name="fr_server" pkg="face_recognition" type="Fserver" cwd="node"/>

This sets the working directory to the directory where the executable is placed. In this case, then you just need to put all required input files ( haarcascade_frontalface_alt.xml, train.txt, facedata.xml and the data folder) in the bin folder of the face_recognition package.

2013-06-17 22:33:52 -0600 answered a question Problem changing face_recognize package parameter

In face_recognition.cpp, line 60, you can change the confidence value in the source code and compile the package again :-)

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2012-04-12 23:32:31 -0600 commented answer Face Recognition with Kinect

For 2D face_recognition, you can also use the following package

2012-03-21 04:02:55 -0600 commented answer Face Recognition

The face_recognition code is from Shervine Emami, you can find a link to his webpage in the face_recognition ROS wiki page. I haven't tested the performance extensively myself. Anyway, false positive answers for unknown persons should be eliminated using a higher confidence threshold.

2012-03-16 01:37:22 -0600 commented answer Face Recognition

I think you could use more training images for each face, lets say 100 instead of the current 25, to increase the precision and then playing with the threshold to get the best configuration.

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2012-02-15 22:49:49 -0600 asked a question Event Recognition


Is there any existing ROS package for event recognition, or is anybody currently working on such area or would be interested in having such functionality?

By event recognition I mean: reasoning/querying on temporally ordered set of low-level events for recognizing occurrences of high-level/complex events.

The idea is to receive different events from different components (here ROS messages which of course need some kind of mapping to a unifying representation) , to process them, and to output complex events. For example one can follow a rule-based approach and process events by means of event calculus.

It is in some sense similar to the idea of Ros Filters, but Ros Filters deal with very low level processing of data.

Any direction/idea is much appreciated, Pouyan

2012-02-11 07:45:46 -0600 answered a question rosjava runtime exception: Failed to load a message type

The problem was with not specifying necessary class pathes, as I add them manually rather than using rosrun rosjava_bootstrap due to my project set up.

2012-02-11 06:34:56 -0600 asked a question rosjava runtime exception: Failed to load a message type

Hi, I am getting

Exception in thread "pool-1-thread-7" org.ros.exception.RosRuntimeException: org.ros.exception.RosRuntimeException: org.ros.exception.RosRuntimeException: Failed to load message type: "nao_msgs/JointAnglesWithSpeed" at org.ros.internal.message.old_style.MessageDefinitionFactory.newFromMessageType( at org.ros.internal.node.DefaultNode.newPublisher( at org.ros.internal.node.DefaultNode.newPublisher(` when trying to initialize a publisher with "nao_msgs/JointAnglesWithSpeed" message type.

here is my corresponding lines of code:

public  Publisher<org.ros.message.nao_msgs.JointAnglesWithSpeed> joint_angles_pub;
joint_angles_pub = node.newPublisher("joint_angles", "nao_msgs/JointAnglesWithSpeed");

I can confirm the jar file for nao_msgs exists in "~/.ros/rosjava/lib" If I change a type and use "std_msgs/String" instead, my code runs with no problem.

Any help is very much appreciated. Cheers, Pouyan

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2012-01-05 10:09:51 -0600 commented answer Face Recognition
Jog, Thanks for your comments, will consider that for the future, but for now cmd works.
2012-01-05 10:08:25 -0600 commented answer Face Recognition
When you use cmd="node", the working directory is face_recognition/bin. If you put the files in the bin directory, should be no problem.
2012-01-05 08:11:39 -0600 commented answer Face Recognition
As mentioned above, the program searches for its input files in its working directory which is not necessarily the package directory. In 'roslaunch', you can set the working directory using 'cwd' attribute to point to the directory in which necessary input files are placed.
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2012-01-05 00:07:06 -0600 commented answer Face Recognition
You might also wish to put the data folder (containing sample pictures) and the train.txt file(which list the training examples) in the same directory. As all these are in the face_recognition directory by default, simply try : 1-roscd face_recognition 2-rosrun face_recognition Fserver
2012-01-04 23:37:35 -0600 commented answer Face Recognition
rosmake in not necessary again. you should just run the Fserver from the directory in which haarcascade_frontface_alt.xml is placed. For example : 1- copy haarcascade_frontface_alt.xml to /home/new_dir 2-cd /home/new_dir 3-rosrun face_recognition Fserver. Let me know if it works :)
2012-01-04 23:06:25 -0600 answered a question Face Recognition


Fserver requires haarcascade_frontalface_alt.xml to be in the same directory as you run the Fserver. The file was missing in the package, but now It has been uploaded in the repository in the face_recognition directory.

Cheers, Pouyan

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2011-12-12 14:05:27 -0600 edited question SimpleActionServer: checking isNewGoalAvailable and isPreemptedRequested not working


I have registered a goalCB and preemptCB callbacks in a SimpleActionServer. 1- Server receives the first goal. 2-goalCB is called, it accepts the goal and then continues doing some other tasks. 3- when goalCB is still running, in the middle of its execution, server is sent another goal. 4- When I am still in the goalCB (triggered by the first goal) and the second goal is now supposed to have been arrived in the server (I ensure this by proper delays in the code), I check isNewGoalAvailable() and isPreemptedRequested() and both of them return false. Aren't they suppose to be used for polling information about receiving new goals or cancel requests?

When the goalCB finishes its process, then preemptCB is called, then goalCB is called for the second time (triggered by the second goal) and now before accepting the second goal, isNewGoalAvailable() and isPreemptedRequested() return true which is the correct behaviour but not much useful anymore!

I might missing something big here, please help me out.

Cheers, Pouyan