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2014-04-09 02:24:40 -0600 commented answer Joy node doesn't work well

In order to change the ros param, you have to go to the xbox360_teleop.launch and add < param name="dev" value="/dev/input/js1"/ > to the joy node. <node pkg="joy" type="joy_node" name="joystick"/>

2014-04-03 09:53:49 -0600 answered a question No CameraInfo received on Rviz, No Image Received

When I tried the ROS system for the first time, I didnt have a netbook yet and so I used the Live Version from the USB stick. However, this is not working. You cant use it to run RViz and subscribe to a camera. Just in case anybody has the same issue some time.

2014-04-03 09:48:58 -0600 answered a question Kobuki "malformed subpayload"

I had the same problem with my Acer Aspire V5 netbook. It looked like the USB Controller was causing the problem, since all three USBs are running on one controller. After updating my Linux Kernel to the newest version (3.8 something), I had neither the Kobuki : Timed out while waiting for serial data stream nor the Kobuki : malformed sub-payload detected Error anymore!