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2011-11-14 23:06:24 -0500 answered a question Activating OpenNi depth registration by default

A simple solution is to edit the openni_kinect/openni_launch/launch/includes/device.launch file and add the following param setting to the driver nodelet

<param name="depth_registration" value="true" />

An alternative solution which works for me is to use the dynparam command-line tool from inside your own launch script, e.g.

<node pkg="dynamic_reconfigure" type="dynparam" name="dynparam" args="set /camera/driver depth_registration true" />

which avoids the need to edit the launch files in the openni_kinect package.

2011-11-08 02:46:55 -0500 answered a question rviz error wxWidgets couldn't load a png image

We had exactly the same error message. Deleting the entire .rviz directory in the home directory fixed the problem for us.