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2015-11-02 02:02:16 -0500 marked best answer How tuning ompl parameters?


I know that OMPL performance can be improved by tuning parameters in planning.yaml file, but which are those parametros? and how can be setting?


2015-09-18 18:46:47 -0500 marked best answer motion_planning_rviz_plugin "segmentation fault"

Hi eveyone,

I'm doing DisplayingRobotTrajectoriesInRviz tutorial and in the last step, when I'm configuring the Planning display type (whit topic name: joint_path_display and robot_description field: robot_description) the aplication crash: Segmentation fail.

I'm use ros Fuerte on Ubuntu 12.04

Any body know what can I do??


2015-08-31 21:15:17 -0500 marked best answer From arm_navigation_msgs::RobotTrajectory to pr2_controllers_msgs::JointTrajectoryGoal

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a solution for this problem in Internet, but I'don't found anything. I'm working with OMPL planning, and when I find a plan, I'd like to execute in the PR2 Controller.

Anybody know how I can do it?? From: arm_navigation_msgs/RobotTrajectory trajectory to: pr2_controllers_msgs::JointTrajectoryGoal


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2014-03-27 04:44:06 -0500 asked a question ROS_Matlab subscriber


I'm using Matlab/ROS interface (with Matlab R2013a and ROS fuerte)

I've done the Matlab example where a node publish and subscriber from Matalb and this example works without problem. But now I have gazebo running and I want to subscrib from Matlab and It doesn't work.. Could anyone tell me what is wrong?

I do: roscore

roslaunch gazebo_world ....

and execute this code from Matlab:

global rosMasterIp; rosMasterIp = '';

global localhostIp; localhostIp = '';

% Create a new node named /NODE and connect it to the master.

node = rosmatlab.node('NODE', rosMasterIp, 11311, 'rosIP', localhostIp);

% Add a publisher of a topic named /TOPIC to the node to send message of type std_msgs/String.

publisher = rosmatlab.publisher('TOPIC','std_msgs/String',node);

% Add a subscriber to a topic named /TOPIC to the node to receive message

subscriber = rosmatlab.subscriber('TOPIC','std_msgs/String',1,node)

%Gazebo topic

subscriber2 = rosmatlab.subscriber('gazebo/model_states', 'gazebo_msgs/ModelStates',1,node);

subscriber.setOnNewMessageListeners({@function1}); subscriber2.setOnNewMessageListeners({@function2});

% Create a new message of type std_msgs/String.

msg = rosmatlab.message('std_msgs/String',node);

% Set the data field of the message and then publish the message

msg.setData(sprintf('Message created: %s',datestr(now)));

publisher.publish(msg); pause(1);

2014-01-28 17:28:04 -0500 marked best answer ompl GetMotionPlan

Hi everyone,

I'm working whit ompl motion plan service, in:

when I do:

 ros::ServiceClient service_client = nh.serviceClient<motion_planning_msgs::GetMotionPlan>("/ompl_planning/plan_kinematic_path");,response);
  if(response.error_code.val != response.error_code.SUCCESS)
    ROS_ERROR("Motion planning failed");

Always obtain: response.error_code.val != response.error_code.SUCCESS === FALSE

And if you see the planning log, you can see:

[ERROR] [1352218229.018731999, 4531.226000000]: client wants service /ompl_planning/plan_kinematic_path to have md5sum dc1bde6dccfb9e1ff4f7ed84e081f964, but it has e7f04013c167d0703692fec8a86b22ef. Dropping connection.

What this means? what is the problem??


2014-01-28 17:27:57 -0500 marked best answer Gazebo model_states

Hi everyone,

My question is very simple: What I'm doing wrong????

I did a easy subscriptor:

#include "ros/ros.h"
#include "gazebo_msgs/ModelState.h"

void chatterCallback(const gazebo_msgs::ModelState::ConstPtr& msg)
    int i = 0;

    ROS_INFO("I heard: %d", i);

int main(int argc, char **argv)
  ros::init(argc, argv, "listener");

  ros::NodeHandle n;

  ros::Subscriber sub = n.subscribe("gazebo/model_states",1000, chatterCallback);
    ROS_INFO("IN ");
    ROS_INFO("OUT ");


  return 0;

And the resoult is:


[ INFO] [1352123368.021140417]: IN 
[ INFO] [1352123369.264976085, 18.667000000]: OUT 
(.. nothing ..)

While I do: (I obtain a lot of topic)

rostopic echo /gazebo/model_states


2014-01-28 17:22:58 -0500 marked best answer updating cram_pl

What has been changed??

I was using my roslisp and cram langguage perfectly, and when I decide to update the ros-electric- (..) package, because ubuntu said me there are somes update, the cram language breaks!!

when you do:

; SLIME 2011-10-0 CL-USER> (ros-load:load-system "cram_language" :cram-language)

hapend: Lock on package SB-THREAD violated when defining BARRIER as a structure while in package TCR.SYNCHRONIZATION-TOOLS. [Condition of type SYMBOL-PACKAGE-LOCKED-ERROR] See also: SBCL Manual, Package Locks [:node]

Restarts: 0: [CONTINUE] Ignore the package lock. 1: [IGNORE-ALL] Ignore all package locks in the context of this operation. 2: [UNLOCK-PACKAGE] Unlock the package. 3: [TRY-RECOMPILING] Recompile synchronization-tools and try loading it again 4: [RETRY] Retry loading FASL for #<synchronized-tools-source-file "synchronization-tools"="" "synchronization-tools"="">. 5: [ACCEPT] Continue, treating loading FASL for #<synchronized-tools-source-file "synchronization-tools"="" "synchronization-tools"=""> as having been successful. --more--

and when you do anything, hapend:

WARNING: System `cram-language' is compiled by a different process. Waiting for compilation of blocking file to finish.

and remains so for ever!!!

What is de solution??


2014-01-28 17:22:56 -0500 marked best answer cram_tutorials

I'm doing the cram_tutorial (EventsCoTeSys-ROS-School Day 4)

And when I do CL-USER> (ros-load:load-system "cram_tutorials" :cram-pick-and-place)

I have this problem:

component #:APPROACH_TABLE_TOOLS-SRV not found, required by

<system "cram-pick-and-place"="" {b7a72d1}&gt;<="" h1="">


What can I do?


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2013-10-18 05:49:38 -0500 marked best answer What is an md5sum?


Anybody could explain me what is exactly md5sum, and could tell me typical problems/solutions about this?


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