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Hi Koprenee,

since the day you asked the question we switched back to rosmake from catkin. I don't know if you already tried, but if you check out the latest code and do

rosmake mjpeg_server

it should compile just fine.


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2012-09-14 04:41:27 -0600 answered a question How display pointcloud messages in browser using rosjs ?

Hi Beubeu,

as Dejan pointed out wviz now lives in bosch_web_visualization stack. Wviz uses javascript files included in

  • rosjs_visualization (this package might be what you're looking for btw),
  • rosjs_common, and,
  • rosjs_resources

Just to test, you could trying installing wviz and adding a laser scan display in the scene.

If (that works) && (you want to make your own custom web page) && (you need help) then let's take the topic to bosch_web_visualization user group.

If you are interested in visualizing point clouds, then please use Brown's pcl_filter package (it will throttle the data and prevent Chrome from crashing). In the near future rosjs_visualization (and wviz) will use compression to reduce the bandwidth consumption. Until that day, pcl_filter is our best friend.


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No problem. It's in my to do list to update the "help and errors" widget so that future users don't have to struggle this much only to find out that their machine does not support WebGL. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Does the computer you're trying to open the web page on have a graphics card? This line here: "spidergl.js:7502Uncaught Error: SpiderGL : Cannot get WebGL context " complains about not having WebGL support :/ You can test if your browser/hardware supports webgl with sample applications online.

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Hi Patrick, Chrome's console output would be also very useful to debug. Could you do Ctrl+Shift+J in Chrome and refresh the page and paste the error console's output here please?

2012-09-08 02:04:07 -0600 answered a question wviz missing visualization control panel button

Hi Patrick,

the control panel button is loaded after the web socket connection is established with the rosbridge_server. If the connection to rosbridge_server is not made though, you should see a pop-up dialog asking you the address and the port number that the rosbridge_server is listening (in there you should type something like

Do you see that pop-up dialog at all?

Also, a console output would be helpful. Before loading the page if you could do, Ctrl+Shift+J and paste the error output here that would be great.

As a side note, bosch_web_visualization stack is tested only for Fuerte but it should work for Electric as well.


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Thanks for the answer Tully. Looking forward to it.

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Hi joq, thanks for the answer. Actually it is possible to build single packages. I got it working for a package. You just have to do everything manually and if you have a lot of packages it takes time. My question is only about getting a stack.yaml from stack.xml (or manifest.xml).

2012-05-31 09:03:20 -0600 asked a question catkin - stack.yaml does not exist


when I manually download a catkinized package from it doesn't come with a stack.yaml file.

When I cd into that downloaded package and cmake, it then complains for the stack.yaml file not existing. I realize, stack.xml contains exactly the same information, so I manually created the yaml file from xml in order to get catkinized CMakeLists.txt work with cmake.

Right now I'm just playing with catkinized packages and their CMakeLists.txt to better understand how to catkinize my packages.

My questions is:

Is there a script to convert the stack.xml into stack.yaml?

OR when we follow the rosinstall process, is catkin reading the information from the stack.xml directly (since catkinized stacks don't have a .yaml file in them)? If so how?

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Oops. Fixed that. Yes, <them = "Aldebaran"/>
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Hi, just a side note:

I have tried Brown's ./eyes too but it never worked for me. It's probably because that driver belongs to Nao's red version and of course Aldebaran made some changes / upgrades since then.

Also, I don't think Brown will release a new driver because the person who wrote the eyes is not at Brown anymore. However at AAAI 2011 Natanel Dukan from Aldebaran was talking about full ROS support sometime in the foreseeable future (although Aldebaran people have been saying that for almost a year now).

2011-08-28 09:55:40 -0600 answered a question is it possible to use nao_ctrl and choregraphe simultaneously?

If choregraphe + nao_openni doesn't work for some reason, try running nao_openni, then from a separate bash screen try simply:


from naoqi import ALProxy
mp = ALProxy("ALMotion", NAO_IP, NAO_PORT)
fdp = ALProxy("ALFaceDetection", NAO_IP, NAO_PORT)
ftp = ALProxy("ALFaceTracker", NAO_IP, NAO_PORT)


If this works, then we can copy it in a .py file and make it a node for nao_openni.