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Guidelines for asking a question on

Do Not

  • The following are not appropriate questions:

    • general debugging/programming questions not specific to ROS
    • questions about software that is not ROS related
    • your homework
  • Don't contact the developers/maintainers directly.
    • The community can't see question or answer(s) not asked/answered publicly.
    • Open Source development works best when the entire community participates in discussions and helps to answer questions.
    • Send all questions to ROS Answers or the appropriate mailing list, and report all issues to the issue tracker.

  • On ROS Answers, do not use answers for discussion, subsequent questions or just updates. Instead, edit your original post or use the comment functionality.


  • Be as specific as possible, with steps to reproduce.
    • Describe exactly what you were doing or are trying to do, and exactly what, if anything, went wrong. If you say, "rviz doesn't work," we can't help you.

      • If following a Tutorial or online instructions provide a link to the specific instructions.
      • Use a descriptive headline or subject line. Bad: "rviz doesn't work". Good: "Rviz crashing looking for missing .so after latest apt update"

    • Always provide the following information:
      • Names and versions of stacks/packages that you're using. "I'm using ROS C Turtle with pr2_simulator 1.1.1 and vocabulary_tree r30294"

      • Your platform (architecture, OS & version/distro). "I'm running OS X 10.5 on an iBook," or "I'm running Ubuntu Karmic on an x86, with kernel 2.6.31." For Linux, always provide the distro and kernel versions.

      • Any warnings or errors. Cut and paste them directly from the terminal window to which they were printed.

        • Please DO NOT re-type them yourself. Small typing mistakes can make a large difference and time wasted.

        • Please DO NOT post a screenshot of the terminal. Instead, cut/copy and paste whenever you can. Text in the screenshot images is not searchable (e.g. by any web browsers, by Google etc.)
    • When discussing any compiling/linking/installation issues, also provide:
      • gcc version
  • As appropriate, also include your:
    • ROS environment variables (env | grep ROS)

    • Backtraces
    • Relevant config files
    • Graphics card model and driver version
    • Ogre.log for rviz, if possible (run with rviz -l)

    • Bag files and code samples that can reproduce the problem
    • Screenshots or movies to demonstrate the problem
  • Always tag your questions appropriately. You must tag at least the rosdistro version.
  • Format code snippets. To make your code snippets and error messages better readable, format them correctly (mark the code and press Ctrl-k).

If you have any questions please see: the FAQ

You are most likely to get a good answer if you provide a Short, Self Contained, Correct (Compilable) Example or a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example.

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Tags are short keywords, with no spaces within. Up to 500 tags can be used. You must at least tag the rosdistro you are using, such as indigo, kinetic, lunar, melodic, or ardent.

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