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Can I run swissranger_camera along side with a pointcloud_to_laserscan nodelet?

I have a swissranger SR4000 3D camera that I mounted on an erratic and I would like to use it for navigation instead of a laser.

I changed the navigation configuration files to input a point cloud instead of a laser scan, however since I'm using amcl for localization I kind of need a laser scan!

So I checked the turtlebot stack to see how you guys do it with the kinect and I found out you have a nodelet that turns a point cloud into a virtual laser scan.

Now my problem is the kinect driver is a nodelet, and the swissranger driver node is not. I am aware of what nodelets are, however I have never looked into them.

In order to use the pointcloud_to_laserscan nodelet should I create a nodelet version of the swissranger_camera node? Or can I just run the swissranger_camera node as I normally would and run the pointcloud_to_laserscan nodelet on its own?