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tf MUX (or multiple-parents)

I'm running up against a wall in the form of tf's tree restrictions. Namely, I'd like to have both gmapping and amcl running simultaneously (long story), but both publish XXX => odom_combined (naturally, the parent frame is param-configurable). The problem is, that tf (apparently) does not allow multiple parents (eg. it forces it to be a tree), and there doesn't seem to be a way to flip the directionality of the transform (odom_combined => XXX).

I thought perhaps tf_remap or tf_prefix would fit the bill... but after a few hours of experimentation, both approaches still end up in this same problem. I guess... what I'm really looking for is something akin to topic_tools/mux only for tf topics. Then I could just flip the mux when I want one transform or another.

Has anyone found a good solution to this sort of problem?