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Using ROS for a Delta Robot

At the moment i'm involved in a project where we are trying to built a Delta Robot. So i start reading the docs and tutorials and i've a few questions.

The kinematic model for the Delta Robot has already been developed; a inverse and forward model is available to me.

I'm trying to find out if i'm heading the right way. I've found a page on the ROS wiki named 'Running arm navigation on non-PR2 arm' []

Is it right to say that if i implement the functions mentioned in the article above that i can have a working Delta Robot (kinematic model, that is)? Is there perhaps a better way?

We are probably going with the Trio Whistle from ElmoMC for controlling the motors. I think it's best to start with developing the kinematic model and then implement packages for communication with the controller. Any tips or ideas on this? I've already found a package with CANopen support for the Elmo Harmonica [] (basically the same as a whistler)...