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Groovy Installation from Source on openSUSE

There used to be instructions on how to install ROS Groovy by downloading and compiling the source, and I previously used them to install Groovy on my machine. In trying to debug a problem, my configuration got so muddled that I decided it would be easier to re-install. However, it seems that the openSUSE instructions are now gone and the custom instructions that I put together fail on this step:

abouchard@linux-z28r:~/catkin_ws> wstool init -j8 src
Using initial elements from:
ERROR in config: Unable to download URL []: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

It seems that the location of the package has changed, but I haven't been able to find the new location. I tried the new instructions under "Installing on Ubuntu from source," but that isn't working, either, as shown below:

abouchard@linux-z28r:~/catkin_ws> rosinstall_generator desktop-full --rosdistro groovy --deps --wet-only > groovy-desktop-full-wet.rosinstall
abouchard@linux-z28r:~/catkin_ws> wstool init -j8 src groovy-desktop-full-wet.rosinstall
Using initial elements from: groovy-desktop-full-wet.rosinstall
ERROR in config: Yaml for each element must be in YAML dict form

The first command provides no output indicating success or failure, so I'm assuming success. It does generate a .rosinstall file in the folder. The only other post that I could find with the YAML error I'm running into was specific to a very different build, and the poster was pointed to other files entirely.

Is there an updated location that I can pull down the source files that I was able to get before from Or do I need to do something to adapt the new instructions since I'm not on Ubuntu?