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Executing a 32bit ROS App in a 64bit uBuntu OS

I wanted to install ROS 32bit and ROS 64bit in the same machine. That it appears wont fly. I then compiled my 32bit App in a separate 32bit machine (with 32bit ROS under a 32bit uBuntu PC). I'm now trying to run my 32bit App in the 64bit environment (that is, 64bit fuerte and 64bit uBuntu). Launching it from a launch file (this is the syntax: "<node pkg="foo_bar" name="foo_bar" type="foo_bar"/>") I get this error: "ERROR: cannot launch node of type [foo_bar/foo_bar]: can't locate node [foo_bar] in package [foo_bar]"

ROSCD foo_bar navigates to the correct path. So it is not that ROS can't see the binary file.

What am I missing?