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catkin_prepare_release fails with svn upstream

ros-hydro-catkin 0.5.71-0precise-20130720-2204-+0000

$ catkin_prepare_release
Prepare the source repository for a release.
Repository type: svn
Found packages: openrtm_aist, hrpsys, rtctree, openrtm_common, openhrp3, rtshell, openrtm_aist_python, rtsprofile
Prepare release of version '3.1.5' [Y/n]?
Warning: the following packages do not have a changelog file or entry for version '3.1.5': hrpsys, openhrp3, openrtm_aist, openrtm_aist_python, openrtm_common, rtctree, rtshell, rtsprofile
Continue without changelogs [y/N]?y
Bump version of all packages from '3.1.4' to '3.1.5'
Could not determine base URL of SVN repository ''

Apparently it fails because the given URL of the repo ends with none of what's accepted by catkin_prepare_release (link to source). I'm not familiar with svn much, but the packages I'm releasing does not directly reside under trunk, and no brunch/tag is assumed to be available for the moment (I might be able to use tag though). Then what should I do with this?