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Rotate pose with covariance frame


I'm trying to use the fovis_ros package for visual odometry with a kinect. As it states, the frame convention is:

NOTE: The coordinate frame of the camera is expected to be the optical frame, which means x is pointing right, y downwards and z from the camera into the scene.

I need to publish the odometry message (geometry_msgs/PoseWithCovariance to be more precise) with my robot running another package which reference frame is: X forward, Y left and Z up (common robot frame as I understand).

For the pose I could write a simple program to switch the axis data (for example, do z = -y), but the covariance matrix won't be as simple as I understand.

I have seen the tf package helps with frame rotations, but I have two questions: - Is this package used for the purposes that I need exactly? - Is there a simpler way to do this? (the processing on my robot is very limited)

Thank you,