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Connecting ROS to external hardware

Hello, I have a ROS Groovy Galapagos bare bones installation from binary on the Raspberry Pi which has a Raspbian wheezy running on it. I intend to first connect an LED via an I2C connector to the Raspberry Pi, after this I intend to connect a simple switch via an I2C connector to the Raspberry Pi. How do I configure The ROS middleware installed on the Raspberry Pi to accept commands like ON/OFF from the switch and then convey it to the LED?. I am a beginner in ROS, with my limited understanding I believe I would need to make both the hardware switch and LED as nodes in ROS and the node for the LED as a subscriber and the node for the switch as a publisher. Please let know if I am wrong, else how can I go about doing what I require?

Thanks in advance, Praseen