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viso2 camera configuration

Hi, I'm trying to use viso2(viso2_ros).
Especially, I'm interested in stereo odometer.

I've already read wiki(
and tried to setup correctly as I mentioned here(See screenshot or reffer to
image description

But, it doesn't work well.
I have some questions as followings.
If you have some ideas, could you tell me answers ??

  1. Does "/camera" frame mean coodinate fixed in left camera ?
  2. camera_frame_id for left camera and camera_frame_id for right camera are the same ?
  3. Transformation from the robot's reference point (base_link in most cases) to the camera's optical frame should be published. In this case, does camera's optical frame mean left camera's one ?
  4. I calibrated stereo camera with "camera_calibration" package( Is it all right ?
  5. In wiki, viso2_ros is said that it requires a wide angle camera.
    I'm using logicool Webcam C600 whose angle is 75[deg]. Is it enough ?
  6. I can see estimated pose in rviz. However, it gradually directs upward(See screenshot). Why ? Should I set the camera downward slightly(For example, 10[deg]) ? (

image description

Thank you in advance.