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"Are your messages built?" error from echoing that message (Groovy)

Hello, everyone,

I've followed the steps closely defined here to create a custom message, editting my CMakeLists.txt, my package.xml, and my msg/data_logger_measurement.msg to create a new message.

I've been able to display the data with "rostopic echo /data_logger_measurement" in the past; however, now that I've rosbagged the data to revisit it a few weeks later, I cannot "rostopic echo /data_logger_measurement" when I'm playing a rosbag.

Instead, I get the error:

ERROR: Cannot load message class for [external_sensor_interface/data_logger_measurement]. Are your messages built?

The only changes that I can remember making are updating ROS when I performed a software update on Ubuntu.

Does anyone have any possible leads? (I may have made a few other changes in the past few weeks to ROS, but I cannot currently remember them.)

Thanks very much in advance!